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2022 – present

A YA fantasy book series inspired by TAP.


TAP Kindle Vella

2022 – present

The real story behind everything TAP.

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TAP TrashTalk

2021 – present

A sub-initiative of TAP focused on tackling the litter pollution problem.


documentary film


2020 – present

A sub-initiative of TAP focused on tackling the dis-misinformation crisis plaguing society today.



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Example concept: valued activity

2021 – present

A sub-initiative of TAP focused on opening minds to alternative world-improvement concepts. Concepts that do not really exist today and that require a whole new civilization model with primary objectives of balance of everything and endless sustainability of humanity within the biosphere that is Earth.

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TAP Community

2022 – present

A sub-initiative of TAP attempting to gather together like-minded persons who are willing to help bring about future improvement.


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Goodness Gambling

Almost everything in our world can be seen as good and bad for the world, especially the future world. The TAP world attempts to make everything more helpful than harmful.

Before there was TAP, there were many projects that were conceived with the world-improvement principle baked into their designs. One of these was the concept of taking ‘gambling’ to a new place of more helpfulness than harmfulness. This overall project concept has been called goodness gambling. Meaning a new form of gambling that might do more good than harm to our future world.

I focused on just one type of gambling game, video poker, but the concept can be applied to almost any type of traditional gambling game.

Gambling today is about delivering exciting entertainment with risk and the occasional reward. The gambler knows that there’s more risk than reward. The challenge is to work to achieve the reward – instead of the risk. The risk is losing money. The reward is winning money.

If money is taken out of the challenge, what might replace it – to deliver an equivalent challenge? What I came up with is recognition of top performance or being the best player of a particular gambling challenge.

Give players the same gambling challenge and measure who performs best at this particular challenge. For example, with a specific video poker game challenge, give competitors the exact same 100 random hands dealt and measure the play expertise of each hand – this instead of the random result of playing each hand.

With video poker, specially, there’s always a best way to play each hand dealt – based on pure mathematical statistics vs. based on the luck of the draw.

If a player plays any way other than the best move – this can be quantified in terms of money lost. A wrong play move might only be pennies lost in theory, but these add up with each mistake.

So give all competitors the same time to complete 100 hands and simply total the mistakes made for each. The winner(s) will be those with the smallest total number.

The winner gets recognition vs. money, Recognition of being the player who best understands the statistics and the best play rules these statistics indicate.